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A Torah Observant Community of North-East Philadelphia
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Shiurim Schedule

Times Subject to Change. Please Contact Us with Specific Questions

Name of shiur Time, Teacher
Daf Yomi Daily 8:20 pm
with Rav Terebelo
Amud Yomi
Schedule: Chulin
Daily 8:20 pm
with Heshy Bucholz
Mussar Motza`ei Shabbos
immediately following Ma`ariv
with Rav Terebelo
TCN Navi Shiur Motza`ei Shabbos 9:00 pm with
Rabbi Reisman at B`nai Israel
Gemorah Chabura Sunday 9:00 am followed by
Shiur at 10:00 am
with David Garfinkel
TCN Parashah Shiur Sunday 10:00 pm with
Mrs. Shira Smiles at B`nai Israel
Shemiras Ha`Lashon Shiur for women Sunday Bi-weekly 7:30 pm
with Rabbi Garfinkel
at the home of the Kalishes
7703 Dorcas Street
Iun Shiur Sunday 9:15 pm
with Rav Terebelo
Navi for women Monday 12:15 pm
with Rav Terebelo
at the home of Mrs. Rosenstock
7946 Dorcas Street (Loop)
Insights into the Weekly Parashah Monday 8:30 pm
with Rabbi Blau in Library
Chumash with Rashi(on the weekly Torah portion) . For both men and women. Thursday 7:30 pm
with Rav Terebelo in Library
TCN Parashah Shiur Thursday 9:00 pm with
Rabbi Frand at B`nai Israel
Parsha HaShavuah with Ramban Shabbos 8:00 am
until Shacharis with
Rav Terebelo in Ezras Nashim
Tefilah or Pirkei Avot Shiur Shabbos 1 hour and 20 minutes
before Mincha with
Rabbi Powers at location TBA
Mishnayos Shabbos 1 hour before Mincha with Rabbi Nulman