This is provided for the benefit of those Members and Guests who:

  1. Don’t like filling out long forms.
  2. Have no significant changes to make.

We are providing a one-page renewal form. Please fill it out (30 seconds or so), sign it (or type in your name), and either:

  1. Give it to me
  2. Leave it at my seat
  3. Put in an envelope, mark it Membership, and send it or leave it at shul
  4. Ask for an editable PDF that you can fill in on line (emailed to you or available soon on the shul’s website), save, and email back to

Men: Please identify how many Men’s Seats you actually need for Makom Kavuah, Shabbos and weekdays, whether or not you will be here for Yomim Noraim. This will help us find seats for our new members.

If you aren’t sure how many Guests will need seats, estimate and put “TBD” in the Comment section. I can check back before Yom Tov to confirm.

Family $900
Single $450
Associate $210
Guest $100 each
First Year $0

Questions? Please ask.

Eliezer Katz, Seating Coordinator