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A Torah Observant Community of North-East Philadelphia
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Shiurim Schedules

Times are subject to change. Please contact us with any questions.


Shiur Time Teacher
Daf Yomi
7:45 PM Rabbi Terebelo
Amud Yomi
7:45 PM Heshy Bucholz
Daf HaShavua 8:00 PM Rabbi Dovid Wachs
Dirshu Mishna Brurah 9:05 PM Rabbi Dovid Wachs


Shiur Day & Time Teacher
Eim Habanim S’maicha
(for Women only)
Alternating Tuesdays at 7:50 PM 8032 Dorcas Street
Insights into the Weekly Parashah
(for Men & Women)
Tuesday at 8:20 PM Rabbi Dovid Blau
Chumash with Rashi Thursday at 7:30 PM Rabbi Terebelo
Pirchei Kugel & Chulent
(for boys 5‐8th)
Thursday at 7:30 PM Local Rebbeim


Friday Night Time Teacher
Amud Yomi 8:00 PM Heshy Bucholz
Daf Yomi 8:00 PM Rabbi Terebelo
Dirshu Mishna Brurah 8:00 PM Rabbi Dovid Wachs
Shabbos Day Time Teacher
Ramban on the Parsha 8:00 AM
B’nos (for girls K‐6th) 2:30 PM
Pirchei (for boys 1‐4th) 2:30 PM
Agadata (for boys 9‐12th) 2:30 PM Ezra Elstein
Mishnayos Chabura 6:20 PM Rabbi Nulman (for Men)
Rabbi Altusky (for boys 5‐8th)
Machshava Shiur
(currently learning Pachad Yitzchok)
4:15 PM Rabbi Coleman
Motza’ei Shabbos Time Teacher
Mussar in Ali Shor after Ma’ariv Rabbi Terebelo
Avos U’Banim 7:00 PM after Succos, until Pesach